Child Care Subsidy- CCS

WillowBee Early Learning Centre is an accredited centre under the Government’s Child Care Subsidy scheme.

You may be eligible for child care support if your child attends WillowBee Early Learning Centre. Eligibility depends on factors including immunisation requirements, residency rules and age of the child.

The level of subsidy a family receives will depend on three factors:

  • Income – a family’s (both partners) combined income
  • Activity test – what activities the individual and their partner undertake or exemptions that might apply and
  • Service type – the type of approved child care service used, for example Centre Based Long Day Care, like WillowBee

The table below outlines combined family income and relevant rate of Child Care Subsidy to which families may be be entitled.


FY 2020 – 2021
CCS family income thresholds
Subsidy per cent
(of actual fee charged or relevant hourly rate cap, whichever is lower)
Up to $69,390 85%
More than $69,390 to below $174,390 Decreasing to 50% *
$174,390 to below $253,680 50%
$253,680 to below $343,680 Decreasing to 20% *
$343,680 to below $353,680 20%
Equal to or above $353,680 0%


The number of hours of subsidised child care to which a family will be entitled will depend on how much time parents spend undertaking recognised activities, for example work, training, volunteering or study.


Step Hours of activity (per fortnight) Maximum number of hours of subsidy (per fortnight)
1 8 hours to 16 hours 36 hours
2 More than 16 hours to 48 hours 72 hours
3 More than 48 hours 100 hours


Child Care Subsidy will be paid directly to us to pass on to families as a fee reduction so that their fees are reduced at the time they use child care.

For further information visit

The Department of Education and Training Child Care Package website at


The Department of Human Services Child Care Subsidy website

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