Coronavirus Preparedness and Response


The interruption brought about by the ongoing flare-up of coronavirus has been taken care of on varying levels by the Australian Government, and it’s important that we explain how things have changed for you, our dependable guardians. We’re here to help you and your kids as they develop, learn and play, and need to offer all our help during this difficult time. We are following all Government regulation about neatness and cleanliness measures at our childcare centre and are proceeding to work as always for a long time to come.

We Are Here To Offer You Support

We welcome that the coronavirus circumstances in Australia are heightened. While schools and childcare focuses keep on staying open at guardians’ discretion, we recognize this is may change whenever. We will keep on giving a valiant effort for whatever length of time is conceivable to thinking about your youngsters’ health and guarantee they’ll remain as connected with their learning as ever. This ought to ease the weight on guardians and grandparents who can dedicate their help somewhere else. We will all keep on dealing with the present pandemic the best way we can.

Giving Greater Accessibility During The Coronavirus Outbreak

As a methods for balancing the effects of coronavirus, we’re offering huge limits to every one of our folks. We comprehend that as organizations close, the accessibility of work diminishes and we need to help you however much as could be expected taking everything into account. We will decrease our month to month charge to simply $30 to ease a portion of the expense of childcare during this unsure time. This markdown will be accessible until Easter or until further notification and will be re-examined as the circumstance unfurls.

Helping Everyone Out

You can help as well. By guaranteeing you only carry your kid to day care when they’re at 100% wellbeing you empower proactive measures to guaranteeing the wellbeing and security of other children and staff at Willow Bee Day Care. Show your children to wash their hands before lunch and dinner and cover their mouth and nose when they hack or sniffle. By giving tissues you guarantee your youngster is prepared for their day. Likewise, in the event that you know somebody who needs the extra help taking care of their kid, if you don’t mind sharing a connect to our site we’ll be glad to converse with them about minding their child during the day.

From everybody at Willow Bee Early Education Centre, remain safe, remain steadfast in your preparedness, set aside a few minutes for one another and keep on imparting transparently to your kid about the coronavirus and the precautions they should actualize. We anticipate seeing you and your youngster soon.