Easy Tips to Prepare a Child for Kindergarten


All parents have to send their child off to school someday. This experience can be exciting as well as nerve-wrecking for them. All of us want our children to be happy in the school. At the same time, it is also our job to make them ready for it. To prepare a child for kindergarten, parents must make sure that their little ones have all the required skill sets to succeed in school.

Mentioned below are a few fun ways to make your child ready for this vital transition in life.

Teaching Letters: Before entering kindergarten, one of the most important things your child needs to learn is the letters. Please note that this means much more than just singing the alphabet. You should try to teach them letter recognition, their sounds, and writing them.

  • Letter recognition can be improved by playing letter games with a child. There are many different letter games you can create to help your child with letter recognition. For example, you can make a letter matching game using one set of lowercase and one set of uppercase letters. This letter game will help your child understand that “A” and “a” same letters written differently.
  • It is also important to make your child practice writing the letters. By the time kids start going to kindergarten, they should learn writing their names without any help. If your child is good at recognising letters, this task will become much easier. You can also teach your child letter recognition and writing at the same time. By implementing this technique, you can teach letter recognition, writing, as well as phonology, taking one letter at a time.
  • Children should also learn the letter sounds before going to school. This is important because it helps them read faster and fluently.

Teaching Numbers: After letters, another important facet is the numbers. To start with, they should be able to count to at least thirty. Make them practice regularly by counting everyday things such as the number of birds sitting in a tree or the number of crackers they had for lunch. In addition to recognizing numbers, this exercise will also build their problem-solving skills at an early age.

Teaching Shapes and Colours: It is also very important to teach children about different shapes and colours. You can start by making your child recognize shapes and colours of everyday objects. Additionally, you can also teach your child to draw different shapes. This will help them understand the difference between different shapes such as rectangle, square, circle, etc.

Practicing Motor Skills: Before attending kindergarten, it is also important for children to learn certain fine motor skills as mentioned below.

  • How to write using a pencil, marker, and crayon.
  • Using safety scissors
  • Performing everyday tasks, such as tying their shoes and buttoning and zipping up their pants after using the restroom.

Instilling Social Skills: It is important for a child to develop some social skills before going to kindergarten. Without these skills, they will find it difficult to express themselves in the right manner. You can teach these skills to a child by role-playing different scenarios he or she may face in the schools or scheduling play dates for them to get to know others.

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