How Can I Help My Child Settle in at the Early Learning Centre? 


For a child, staying in a new unfamiliar environment with no parents in sight can be a stressful experience. It’s also stressful for you as a parent because you know what your child is going through. Although you know that sooner or later your child will get used to that new environment, still you want to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible.  

To help your child settle in at an early learning centre, keep in mind that this can be a gradual process that requires patience, support, and understanding. To accomplish that, here are some tips to help facilitate a smooth transition for your child: 

  • Help your child get familiar with the centre. Visit the early learning centre together before your child’s first day. Introduce them to the teachers, show them the classrooms and play areas and explain what activities they can expect. This helps create a sense of familiarity and reduces anxiety. 
  • Establish a routine. Create a consistent routine for your child, both at home and at the early learning centre. A predictable schedule provides a sense of security and helps your child feel more comfortable. Discuss the daily routine at the centre with your child, including drop-off and pick-up times, meals and activities. 
  • Communicate with the teachers. Share information about your child’s interests, routines and any specific needs with the teachers. Building a strong partnership with the educators allows them to understand your child better and tailor their approach to support their settling-in process. 
  • Gradual introduction. Ease your child into the new environment by starting with shorter visits or half-days initially. This gradual introduction allows them to become familiar with the routine and build trust with the teachers. Over time, gradually increase the duration of their stay until they are attending the full day. 
  • Stay positive and reassuring. Maintain a positive and reassuring attitude when talking about the early learning centre with your child. Emphasize the fun activities, new friends and exciting learning opportunities they will experience. Avoid expressing any anxiety or concerns in front of your child, as they may pick up on your emotions. 
  • Create a goodbye routine. Develop a consistent and loving goodbye routine when dropping off your child. Keep it brief but reassuring, offering a hug, a smile and a positive goodbye. Let them know you will return to pick them up later. Avoid prolonging goodbyes, as it can make the transition more difficult. 
  • Establish connections with other parents. Connect with other parents whose children attend the same early learning centre. Organise playdates or social gatherings outside of the centre, which can help your child form friendships with their peers before they start attending full-time. 
  • Keep open lines of communication. Maintain regular communication with the teachers and centre staff. Stay informed about your child’s progress, activities, and any concerns that may arise. This ongoing dialogue ensures that you are involved and can address any issues promptly. 

Remember that every child is unique and the settling-in process may vary for each child. Be patient, supportive and understanding during this transition period. With time and consistent support, most children adapt and thrive in their new environment. 

Here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre, we ensure that the transition period is as smooth as possible. This way, children can immediately focus on fun and learning and they can get the most out their journey here at our supportive and nurturing environment.