How Do Babies and Toddlers Learn? 


Learning is a fascinating feat and yet impossible to fully understand. It’s a wonder how children acquire vocabulary, string the words together and form phrases and sentences to express themselves. It’s even a wonder how children and us adults think and process information. It seems here that it’s impossible to fully and scientifically understand what made us capable of thinking in the first place. 

A simple and useful explanation of how children learn 

Fortunately, we can still have a simple and useful explanation on how babies and toddlers learn. This practical explanation can guide us on to better helping our children undergo healthy and timely development. 

First, children learn through experiences. To be clear, experiences include not just what they do, but also what they see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel. This continuous stream of sensory inputs and information will make their brains busy consolidating and making sense of all that. Continuously, their brains will notice patterns and form associations. They will continuously try to make sense of the world around them. Thinking about it through an evolutionary perspective, this will increase their chances of survival in this seemingly unpredictable world. 

They are born ready to learn 

Babies and children are born ready to learn. Automatically they will notice patterns and form associations even during random and seemingly plain experiences. Take note that children continuously learn and process and consolidate information (even during sleep), which is why it’s essential that our children are in positive and supportive learning environments. We can realise here that each moment actually plays a role in  their early development. 

We can also realise that children should regularly gain fun and stimulating experiences. This way, their brains will have more information and experiences to process. As a result, children can undergo rapid physical, mental, emotional and social development. They will also get to have more fun experiences because of more possibilities and opportunities around. 

With a nurturing environment (such as what we have here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre) and a healthy stream of stimulating activities and experiences, children can undergo a healthy pace in learning and development. In addition, children will be able to have more fun as they’re getting ready for big school and beyond.