How Do You Know If Your Child is Making Progress 


Your child is often making progress when you notice the following: 

  • Your child has become engaged and excited about learning and going to the early childhood education centre 
  • Your child’s teacher actually informs you about your child’s progress 
  • Your child practices more independence about learning (this can be a result of increased confidence about their improvement and capabilities) 

Although it’s still hard to exactly quantify the progress, your child’s teacher or the early learning centre will promptly inform you if there are any concerns. This way, the problem will be corrected early on and your child can always keep up with the other kids. 

Why developmental milestones are important 

Aside from direct observation (or information from your child’s teacher), it’s also important to know some of the most important developmental milestones. These milestones are the general skills that kids of a certain age can most certainly do. For example, these are the developmental milestones for toddlers (age 2 to 3 years): 

  • Toddlers can already feed themselves 
  • They can follow simple instructions 
  • They can recognise objects 
  • They can easily jump on the spot 
  • They’re starting to understand how their behaviour affects you and others 

These milestones cover emotional, communication, physical and cognitive development. A problem in one area usually affects others. For instance, if communication is a problem, children will also have a hard time on following simple instructions and recognising other people’s behaviour and emotions. 

If toddlers haven’t met most of those milestones, an early intervention might be necessary. Perhaps the root cause is a physical developmental problem, which makes it impossible for children to perform most common tasks. Or, it could be because of trauma which is affecting their overall behaviour and confidence. 

It’s also possible that progress might just be slightly delayed. Any of these days your child might acquire a new functional skill. After all, children develop and progress at different speeds. Also, it might require more monitoring to actually see that your child has already achieved the milestones. This should be a collaborative effort between the parents and educators to help ensure that children are developing at a healthy pace.