How To Run An Effective School Readiness Program In Sydney


From the moment they’re born, children begin their learning journey, taking in sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations that help their brains and bodies develop. Ensuring your children have the best experience possible when they start school involves preparing them for the routine of learning and play they experience in the classroom. In New South Wales, children must begin school before the age of six and can enrol if they’re aged five before 31 July. Participation in a high quality early education program is crucial to ensuring kids are as equipped as possible for big school, no matter their age.

With a personal approach, children feel heard and respected at WillowBee. We prepare them socially and cognitively for the years ahead. Children learn via the primary mechanism of socialisation – talking to, listening to and playing with their peers, teachers and parents. Our family-owned preschool ensures the best outcomes when your children are transitioning to school. Our formula for success in this respect is “Ready families plus ready preschool services, ready communities and a ready school equals ready children”.

We prepare children for school programs by nurturing their physical, intellectual, emotional, language and social skills. Our child care curriculum is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and is structured to explore the concepts of belonging, being and becoming. We incorporate play into our lessons to help your child feel comfortable and engaged as they learn to talk, listen, draw and interact with their peers.

All of our teaching staff are accredited early childhood teachers and have a wealth of experience helping children socialise and develop physically, emotionally and cognitively. WillowBee also provides access to great resources and technology that help children learn science, numeracy, literacy, health and fitness and language skills. It’s these two facets of our business, as well as the caring and dedicated nature of our staff that make us a premium choice when it comes to preparing your children for school.

Our teachers take a holistic approach to early childhood education, giving each child equal attention. They are very responsive to children and create a physical and social learning environment that has a positive impact on children’s learning. We regularly plan incursions and excursions to expose your children to the wonders of the world and the city they live in. We take into account cultural beliefs and practices, so no matter what your heritage, your children will be respected, cared for and encouraged.

One of the most important things we teach children is hygiene. We ensure they’re well equipped to stay healthy and happy as they start kindergarten.

By equipping families with resources to bridge the gap between pre school and primary school our goal is to ensure kids are prepared for the classroom. We provide further support in this respect with information nights with guest speakers and parent teacher meetings. We also have strong links with schools in Chatswood and Willoughby. We conduct joint planning exercises with these institutions before school starts.

Our Chatswood childcare centre is open for enrolments now. Contact us to book a tour of the facility or come and visit during one of our open days. Our Chatswood early learning centre is open between 7:30 and 6:30PM Monday to Friday, call us on 02 9417 5701 with any questions about our school readiness program in childcare or to book a tour.