To give children several advantages especially for the uncertain future, one way is to help them develop strong academic foundations as well as social skills, persistence and some maturity at an early age. This way, they can successfully navigate both the academic and social challenges at the big school in the near future. 

WillowBee’s child-centric approach 

Here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre, our modern approach helps children get the best preparation for the big school and beyond. We facilitate activities that help children acquire essential skills for their early literacy, numeracy, social and emotional development. For example, our activities include threading and puzzles that help children develop fine motor grip. This skill is essential in handwriting which will be highly useful when it’s time for the big school. 

Although our days and activities are structured, we still allocate adequate time for unstructured play. This way, children will have enough freedom to explore and pursue their own interests. This is also a great opportunity to observe children on how they behave naturally and how they interact with other kids. 

Parents are always kept involved 

Continuous progress is important in early child development especially in the children’s first five years. One way to ensure that progress is through regular monitoring and close collaboration with parents. 

Regularly our educators communicate with the children’s parents and keep them updated about their kids’ activities and developmental progress. This regular communication and monitoring helps address the challenges early on before they become serious. 

Through online documentation, newsletters and reports, parents are always updated about their children’s progress. Parents are always delighted to witness their children’s rapid growth and development. On the other hand, our educators are always busy and glad to monitor each child’s progress and spot interesting opportunities to help children secure more advantages. For example, a child might have been showing a talent or special skill that needs to be cultivated. If the parents know that early on, they can better plan for their child’s education and future. 

Best preparation for the big school 

Big school can be intimidating and it can set a negative momentum to a child’s education and long-term future. To prevent that, it’s crucial for your child to get the best preparation and build a solid foundation. 

That preparation should include acquiring the ability to navigate various social encounters including challenging and unfamiliar ones. It’s important that your child has already learned and gained some independence, persistence and maturity. This way, your child will always feel confident and if unfamiliar situations arise, your child can easily navigate or overcome them. 

If you want your child to get that crucial preparation, you can contact and visit us here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre (you can get to us via Sydney St, Eastern Valley Way or Pacific Highway/A1 and A38.