If you want your child to have the best possible start in life, it’s important that his/her learning experience is personalised and that there’s close collaboration between the educators and the parents.

The huge role of parents and educators

Here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre, we design personalised educational programs for each child. Each program is a result of collaborating with parents and identifying each child’s specific strengths and interests.

The speed and pace of developmental progress varies among children, which is why we tailor each learning program and experience. The result will be an optimised learning experience as well as genuine enjoyment to children.

Importance of Early Years Learning Framework

To achieve an optimised learning experience, our curriculum has been inspired by the Early Years Learning Framework. This is where social and emotional development are also emphasised, which actually supports the children’s physical, cognitive and overall development.

Planned experiences and open-ended play

For optimal development, it’s great to have a mix of planned experiences and open-ended play on a child’s day. Planned experiences help children achieve specific milestones within a reasonable timeframe. On the other hand, open-ended play provides children with freedom to explore and get creative.

Open-ended play also allows educators and parents to observe and perhaps even discover a child’s natural talent and curiosity. If there’s freedom and the environment is safe and nurturing, children can freely go and do what interests them most. These interests might then be further nurtured in the big school and beyond.

How to prepare your child for the big school

For your child to be ready and feel confident for the big school, our curriculum also includes activities about developing a fine motor grip (essential for writing by hand) and establishing independence (such as preparing and cleaning up after their lunch and personal belongings).

With this thorough preparation for the big school and our personalised programs as a result of close collaboration with parents, children can be and feel ready for the new experiences they will face.