Your child’s early years are a period of rapid brain development. It’s also the time for building a strong foundation for your child’s cognitive, language, numeracy, communication and social skills.

To help your child build a strong foundation and get an amazing start and preparation for the future, one way is to ensure your child’s continuous progress through the months and years. This way, many of the expected developmental milestones will be achieved and your child won’t be left behind.

Our approach here at WillowBee

Here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre, we help children get an amazing start and achieve continuous progress. We accomplish this by regularly monitoring each child’s development. Then, we let parents know if there are any challenges and together, we come up with appropriate solutions to help children get back on track or further encourage their learning.

This monitoring and close collaboration with parents are crucial in detecting any problems early on (as well as proposing timely answers for solving them). We share timely information to parents about their children’s developmental progress. We also maintain online documentation that parents can access anytime. The result is parents are kept in the loop and even if they’re busy at work, they still know immediately if there are any concerns and if their children are doing well at the early learning centre.

Fun-filled and productive days

Aside from close collaboration with parents, our approach also involves ensuring each day is a productive learning experience. We organise activities that touch on reading, music, dance and art. We also conduct science-based experiments and cooking activities to add more variety in the children’s activities.

This variety is important in accelerating a child’s learning experience. Children are able to absorb and process more information coming from different activities. Also, this provides a balance as different dimensions of their development are being emphasised. For example, in cooking and science activities, they’re able to learn more about cause-effect relationships. In music, dance and art, children are able to develop an appreciation of the rhythms, movements and visual arts. We also regularly facilitate enough outdoor playtime so that children are free to explore and pursue their own interests and curiosities. It’s also a great opportunity for us educators to observe how children behave in a social setting with their peers.

If you want to learn more about our child-centred approach, contact us today here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre. You can also visit us and see our learning environment by arranging a personal tour with our centre director. This way, you will better know how our approach can help your child get an amazing start and preparation in life.