The children’s first five years are crucial for their brain development. It’s only been recently that researchers found out that the early years have a bigger impact than we had realised. As a result, the Early Years Learning Framework and other modern approaches that recognise the importance of the early years are only recently applied.

WillowBee’s modern and effective approach

Our team here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre applies modern and science-based approaches in helping children prepare for the big school. Our curriculum goes beyond literacy because we also facilitate activities that help children develop independence, fine motor grip (useful for handwriting), persistence and maturity.

We always aim to help children do well in school as well as successfully navigate challenging social encounters. Sitting in the classroom is just one small aspect of learning. There’s still much learning that happens outside the classroom where children interact naturally with their peers. Their experiences after class might heavily influence their way of learning and how they get along with other children, which is why it’s also important for children to develop some level of independence and maturity even at an early age.

Why parents choose WillowBee

Busy working mums gain peace of mind because we keep them updated about their children’s progress. We closely keep track of the developmental milestones and let parents know if there are any challenges. This way of constant update and collaboration helps both the parents and educators spot problems early on and promptly come up with an individualised solution.

Each child has a unique pace of learning and development. However, parents still worry about their children getting left behind. Here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre, we do our best to help children achieve developmental milestones within reasonable time. Along the way we work closely with parents and find out what might be causing the problems and challenges if there are any.

Preparing for the big school

Each stage of learning is preparation for the next. It’s also about making the transition smooth so that children can immediately feel comfortable even in new environments.

Our learning environments here encourage learning, exploration and cooperation. We aim for children to get comfortable in a wide variety of settings, experiences and scenarios. This variety helps expand their comfort zones and improve their ability in handling different situations. Whether it’s in cooking, play, music, arts or science activities, children are always able to face a wide variety of situations whether in an individual or group setting.

If you want your child to be better prepared for the big school and get an amazing start, you can get to us via A38 within minutes. You can see our learning environment and witness how children are having fun. You will notice that we truly apply a child-centred approach and that we prioritise safety, learning and fun here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre.