An amazing start can help your child do well in the big school and beyond. That’s because the children’s early years have much more impact on their future than we realise. This is the period where rapid brain development and acquisition of essential skills occur.

WillowBee’s role in early childhood development

Our role here is to support the children’s rapid progress and help them best prepare for the big school. We accomplish this through individualised learning plans and outcomes for each child. This way, children can achieve developmental milestones within reasonable time and at a healthy pace.

We facilitate both structured experiences and open-ended play. Structured and planned experiences help children achieve several learning outcomes while open-ended play lets children better exercise their independence and pursue their own interests and curiosities. Open-ended play also provides a good opportunity for educators to observe how children naturally interact with others.

Parents and educators work together

Timely information and feedback is crucial in each child’s progress, which is why we keep parents updated about how well their children are doing and if there are any challenges. If the challenges are known early on, the educators can promptly modify the learning plan and help children get back on track.

Although children have their own learning pace, developmental milestones are still expected to be met within reasonable time. This is to prevent children from falling far too behind. Proactive action is essential here in the child’s crucial early years of brain development.

We keep parents updated and informed on their children’s general developmental progress. We keep an online documentation for communications and later analysis. This way, progress is closely monitored and other learning opportunities can be spotted early on because of the clear documentation (perhaps a child is gifted or is learning much faster than others). Clear documentation and timely information are crucial in detecting those opportunities and ensuring continuous progress.

Helping children prepare for the future

Foundational skills are essential in preparing for and doing well at the big school. Aside from literacy and numeracy, these foundational skills also include cooperation, fine motor grip, persistence, independence and maturity. These skills are crucial in navigating social settings and encounters as well as dealing with personal challenges.

Learning and development have several different dimensions. A holistic and integrated approach is a must if we want our children to reach their full potential and become comfortable in a wide variety of scenarios and environments. That is our approach here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre where we facilitate academic, music, creative, physical and social activities. In this approach, we help children achieve continuous developmental progress that they will benefit from for years to come.

If you require more information about our approach, you can visit us here next to Fitness First and opposite Love’n Deuce Tennis Centre (you can get to us via A38 within minutes). Here you can witness how children are encouraged to learn and play as well as find out why parents choose our early learning centre.