Each child has enormous potential. But to unlock that potential, it requires continuous and sustained support as well as a nurturing and stimulating environment.

How WillowBee supports proper child development

Here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre, we ensure sustained support and maintain a nurturing environment. We go beyond what’s required in helping children build a strong foundation for their future.

Aside from our curriculum inspired by the Early Years Learning Framework, we also regularly communicate and collaborate with the parents. We keep them updated on their children’s progress and let them know if there are any challenges. This regular monitoring and collaboration is crucial to helping children reach developmental milestones. This is also crucial in ensuring their continuous progress.

How continuous progress happens

Each day should be fun and productive. As a result, our experienced educators design and facilitate stimulating activities for children. This way, children will always be encouraged and excited to participate, which results in more experiences and rapid learning.

For example, we organise structured activities that emphasise music, dance, art, reading and science. We also provide plenty of time for unstructured activities such as playtime in safe, outdoor areas. Unstructured activities are also important in encouraging children to explore and pursue their unique interests.

In addition, we also facilitate cooking activities and science-based experiments. These activities encourage rational thinking while ensuring each child is having fun. Children also get to develop a deep sense of appreciation of the culinary and science.

How we help children prepare for the future

Aside from enjoying the journey and the experiences, another goal of learning is to prepare for the future. This way, children will be better equipped to deal with the challenges and new experiences and environment ahead.

That’s why our curriculum also emphasises literacy, numeracy and school readiness. We help children develop essential skills such as fine motor grip so they can write properly and well. We also help them develop independence, self-awareness, resilience, persistence and maturity. This way, they can successfully overcome challenging encounters in big school and beyond.

If you want your child to have an amazing start and preparation, contact us today here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre. You can enquire on how we will keep you involved in your child’s learning and development (we will maintain online documentation and share prompt information about your child’s progress). You can also visit us and see our learning environment by arranging a personal tour with our centre director”