In the children’s first five years, it’s crucial that they build a solid foundation. That’s because their early years actually play a huge role in their long-term future. This is the period when they undergo rapid brain development and key neural connections are being formed. 

Our modern and science-based approach 

To fully take advantage of those early years, we apply a modern approach here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre. Decades ago, the approach of most educational institutions was to focus on the children’s literacy and numeracy. In contrast, our approach here at WillowBee is emphasising play-based learning and the development of social skills. 

Strong social skills are important in navigating challenging encounters with other children. This also has a huge role in overall development because with strong social skills, your child will find enjoyment in playing with other children and participating in several different activities. Your child will also have an expanded comfort zone and appreciation of various fields including sports, cooking and performing arts. 

The important role of educators and parents 

Both the educators and parents provide guidance and structure to the children’s day. One reason is to help children feel safe so they can better focus on learning, fun and play. This guidance and structure is also crucial to ensuring developmental milestones are consistently being achieved. 

To ensure continuous developmental progress, it’s important to regularly monitor each child’s progress. One way to accomplish this is by maintaining a close collaboration with parents and detailed documentation about each child’s activities and development. Here at WillowBee, we maintain an online documentation with reports and newsletters about the children’s progress. This way, parents become more involved about their children’s education. This also helps parents gain peace of mind about their children promptly hitting several developmental milestones. 

Preparing children for the big school 

Big school can be intimidating and challenging because of the new unfamiliar environment. In the big school, there’s also less guidance and supervision from the educators. This can result in challenging social encounters which might make it hard for some children to learn and enjoy their school days. 

To prevent that, it’s important for children to develop some independence, resilience and maturity. These skills are essential to successfully navigating social settings in and outside of the classroom. These are also essential in overcoming setbacks whether related to academics or personal life at school. 

If you want your child to be best prepared for the big school and set a positive momentum for learning, contact or visit us here at 354 Eastern Valley Way Willoughby NSW 2068. Within minutes you can get to us via Willoughby Rd and Eastern Valley Way (under cover parking available).