To have a successful transition to the big school, children should have developed essential skills first. This way, children can successfully navigate the new social settings and challenges in the big school. This is important in making sure children can easily get along with others and keep up with the upcoming academic challenges. 

A child-centred approach 

Our approach here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre is about giving children the best possible preparation for school and the best start in life. This way, the transition will be much easier and they will gain positive momentum that can benefit them for years to come. 

We accomplish this by designing a developmentally appropriate program that takes into account each child’s needs, interests and strengths. This program, which is a result of collaborating with parents, is geared towards helping children gain the essential skills they need for the big school and beyond. 

Why a strong start and solid foundation are important 

Early literacy, numeracy, social and emotional development is essential. With a strong foundation, children can keep up with the new challenges ahead and better navigate the new environments they’re about to get into. As a result, they will feel brave and confident when it’s time for big school and whenever they encounter unfamiliar situations. 

Preparing children for school 

Preparation should cover all dimensions such as early literacy and numeracy skills, social adeptness and emotional maturity. This preparation should also include helping children develop a fine motor grip which is required for doing handwriting. 

Our approach here is thorough yet we allow enough time and experiences for children to fully enjoy their early years. We facilitate both structured and unplanned experiences so that children are free to play and explore what interests them. These unplanned experiences and open-ended play can help children further develop their creativity, imagination, independence and initiative. 

How parents are involved 

Our developmentally appropriate programs are a result of close collaboration between educators and parents. This collaboration is crucial in proactively knowing each child’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. This way, specific learning outcomes and developmental milestones can be achieved within reasonable time. 

Parents are updated daily about their children’s activities and general developmental progress. With this regular update, parents become continuously involved with their children’s learning and development. This regular and timely communication is important in sustaining each child’s progress and knowing early on if there are hurdles to overcome. 

If you want your child to have the best preparation for the big school and ensure continuous developmental progress, you can contact or visit us here at 354 Eastern Valley Way Willoughby NSW 2068. You can easily get to us within minutes via Bedford St and Eastern Valley Way, High St and Smith St or McClelland St and Eastern Valley Way.