Having an amazing start can do wonders for your child. It can help your child get a positive momentum in learning and development. This amazing start can also help your child gain a smooth transition to the big school and beyond. This smooth transition is important in further accelerating your child’s development and helping your child develop a love for learning and making friends (which will make it easier for your child to navigate the challenges of big school). 

Setting a positive momentum for your child 

To get that amazing start and smooth transition, here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre we apply a modern and child-centric approach and maintain a close collaboration with parents. 

This close collaboration with parents is important in regular and accurate monitoring of each child’s progress. With this approach, problems can be addressed early on and prevent a child from getting left behind. Also, opportunities for further advancement can be spotted early on. If a child shows an unusual proficiency or enthusiasm to a particular skill or activity, the parents can then better plan for their child’s education (e.g. enrol the child in advanced classes in math or performing arts). 

To spot those kinds of opportunities, we provide timely reports and documentation to the parents about their children’s developmental progress. With the parents’ input and the educators’ analysis and observations, each child’s education becomes tailored and individualised. The specific approach becomes unique for each of the children which is crucial for their proper and optimal development. 

Comprehensive preparation for the big school 

Aside from an amazing start, it’s also important for children to gain a smooth transition to the big school. With a smooth transition, a positive momentum is guaranteed which will make children’s lives easier in this new unfamiliar environment for learning. 

To ensure a smooth transition, a comprehensive preparation is a must. Aside from literacy and numeracy, children should also have strong social skills and display some level of resilience and maturity. This way, they can overcome challenging social encounters and successfully get through each day. 

Our approach here at WillowBee has always been comprehensive especially when it comes to helping children prepare for the big school. With this comprehensive preparation (including helping children develop a fine motor grip and independence), children can better focus on learning at school instead of worrying about unfamiliar situations and people. 

If you want your child to get this kind of preparation, you can contact or visit us here at WillowBee (we’re located at 354 Eastern Valley Way Willoughby NSW 2068). You can get to us within minutes via Eastern Valley Way.