Your child’s first five years are crucial to his/her overall physical and brain development. Here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre, we help ensure that those years are highly productive and fun for children during their rapid development stage.

What makes us different

Most early learning centres are about having a child-centric approach as well as following the Early Years Learning Framework. Here, we also align our curriculum with the framework. We go beyond because in addition, parents choose us because we actually involve them in their children’s journey. Parents and educators maintain a close collaboration so that we can further tailor our approach to each child. This is also a great way to let parents know about their children’s development progress.

It’s a daily and ongoing process where our educators regularly communicate with the parents. This communication also includes parents receiving timely emails, newsletters and other updates. This way, parents are always updated about their children’s cognitive growth and development.

Here, what does a day look like?

A typical day is usually filled with a diversity of activities and experiences. These include adequate playtime in large, safe outdoor areas. This playtime is crucial for the children’s development of muscles, bones, balance, coordination and spatial awareness. Aside from playtime, there are also other activities that emphasise reading, music, dance, cooking, art, science and nature.

Surely it will always be a stimulating and fun-filled day. For example, we regularly facilitate cooking experiences and science-based experiments. Aside from having fun, children will also learn more about cause-effect relationships. It’s also an amazing way to satisfy and further stimulate their curiosity.

Why are fun and diverse experiences important?

Because of the children’s young age and inexperience, they still find it hard to make sense of most of the things that happen around them. To somehow make up for that, they make themselves busy and active. Perhaps this is their way of gaining a lot more experiences in a short amount of time, which helps their brains consolidate all the gathered knowledge.

As a result, the diversity of experiences gained through a supportive environment can aid their brains to form the neural connections crucial for their cognitive foundations. With a strong foundation, developmental progress will be continuous. Ultimately this will help them better prepare for big school and beyond.

That is our approach here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre. We help children gain diverse and meaningful experiences that aid with their healthy brain development. This way, children get an amazing start in life and that parents gain peace of mind because they know they made a correct decision.

For more information about our approach and curriculum, contact us today. You can also arrange for a visit where you can conveniently get to us 54 Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood East / Willoughby.. During the quick visit you can take a good look at our fun and safe learning environment.