For children to have an amazing start and gain early positive momentum, this requires a child-centric approach that takes into account each child’s needs, interests and strengths. To accomplish this, it’s important for parents and educators to collaborate regularly so that they can proactively spot the children’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

The importance of collaboration between educators and parents 

Our approach here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre includes involving parents with the design and implementation of our developmentally appropriate programs. With the parents’ input, each program will result in an optimal outcome for each child. 

In addition, parents are regularly updated about their children’s activities and developmental progress. Parents are always delighted to hear that their children are reaching several developmental milestones. Also, parents feel at ease because their children are doing well and there’s always progress. 

This regular update and continuous collaboration will lead to optimal learning and healthy development for children. If there are hurdles and issues to overcome, both the parents and educators can immediately take action and make sure no child is getting left behind. It’s an amazing way to sustain each child’s progress and ensure children are having fun while at the early learning centre. 

Why social adeptness and emotional maturity are important 

Aside from early literacy and numeracy skills, being prepared for big school also requires social adeptness and emotional maturity. 

A child should be able to get along easily with other children and successfully handle potentially challenging situations and setbacks. One way to accomplish this is by helping children further develop their confidence, independence, resilience and persistence. When they feel confident, they can better face a wide variety of situations and challenges. When they feel independent, they know that they can figure things out even without much assistance or supervision from adults. 

How open-ended play can lead to surprising discoveries 

Our curriculum also has an emphasis on helping children cultivate independence and confidence. We facilitate structured experiences and open-ended play so that children can learn how to pursue their own interests and get along with other children in a more natural and relaxed setting. Open-ended play also provides an amazing opportunity to observe how children naturally behave and if they are unusually pursuing an activity or interest (this could lead to the discovery of a child’s natural talent). 

If you want more ways to discover your child’s talent and help ensure that he/she is adequately prepared for the big school, you can enquire here at WillowBee Early Learning Centre. You can also see our learning facility and personally get to us via McClelland St or Warrane Rd and Eastern Valley Way.