Our Curriculum

At WillowBee Early Learning Centre our aim is for each child to create, laugh, learn, play and be inspired by our dedicated staff and by each other.

We follow the Early Years Learning Framework to achieve children’s important developmental goals, working in partnership with families. For us this means exploring a child’s strengths and developing them with individual and group activities. It’s a play-based program that is constantly evaluated.

Our curriculum is also based on developing the important social and emotional life skills that your child will proudly carry with them for the rest of their lives.

How you'll be kept involved and up to date

  • A daily programme and daybook for parents to read
  • Our educators communicate daily with parents about the child’s day, activities and general developmental progress.
  • Each child receives a detailed portfolio displaying work samples, observations, photos, groups and individual objectives.
  • Parent meetings to discuss their child’s goals, progress and school readiness.

Our motto

Bee-longing to a wonderful community with family, friends and role models is a great foundation to have early in life.

Bee-ing is about learning to believe in yourself. Embracing each moment and being able to have time to play, to learn, to try new things and just have fun.

Bee-coming is the journey we watch with awe as our children develop their sense of identity, which shapes the type of adult they will become.

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