2 – 3 years: Creativity, Collaboration and Community


The children in our Toddler Program experience holistic hands-on Early Childhood Learning, designed to harness the joy and excitement that accompanies turning two. Children develop language, increased attention span and greater physical capabilities all at once. Our program helps our Bee’s pursue and embrace greater autonomy and provides flexibility of choice within an intentional teaching program.

Our 2-year-olds are beginning to form deeper bonds with their peers. They are developing ideas and expanding their understanding of the world through their experiences. Our program focuses on developing social skills, critical thinking, and pre-academic skills.

Our Toddler Program integrates sensory play, art experiences, music, science experiments, story time, block building and dramatic play. They handle and manipulate natural objects such as leaves, rocks, seashells, and flower petals to stimulate imagination and creativity. They are supported throughout the day to learn self- help and independence skills.

Program Features


At this age our children naturally want to take agency over their lives. We foster this development by providing children with ample opportunities to make self-directed choices throughout the day.


Language Development

Our language development continues to be fostered through a rich learning environment of story time and songs. Children begin to communicate with one and other, supported by our Educators.


Physical Development

Our children take part in our Extra Curricular programs of Yoga, sports, dance and cooking which foster the development of gross and fine motor skills.


Social Development

Children naturally push boundaries at the age of 2 and 3. Our Educators understand this important part of self-discovery and encourage collaboration and empathy as our children learn about themselves and the world around them.

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