Our Team

At WillowBee, our educators are highly experienced in working with children and committed to the field of Early Childhood Education and Care. We promote a team culture and all staff members are valued members of the team, with each of their strengths and backgrounds recognised.

We recognise the importance of engaging in continual professional learning and actively encourage our educators to extend their professional knowledge by undertaking further studies in the field of early childhood.

We believe in maintaining high educator to child ratios as it helps to enhance children’s learning and development, as well as providing for their safety and wellbeing. In turn, this helps to create a positive working environment for our educators, with lower stress-levels, and more time to record, document and plan for our children’s learning.


My name is Hanna Lin and I am thrilled to introduce myself as the new owner of WillowBee. It is with great excitement and a profound sense of responsibility that I take on this role, and I am eager to share my vision for the future of our beloved childcare centre.

To tell you a bit about Jeff and I, we have 3 young children, Aleia who is 5, Benjamin who is 3 and Christian who is 2.

I have a Bachelors in Medical Science and have completed my Masters in Brain Science and have also obtained a Diploma in Education. We pride ourselves on being family-owned and operated and love to create a nurturing family environment for the children as we do in our own family. I have attached a photo below so you are able to put a face to my family and I.

I want to express my gratitude for the trust and support you have shown towards this centre. The well-being and development of your children are of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where they can thrive.

My Vision and Ambitions

Education is the cornerstone of our philosophy. I believe that early childhood education sets the foundation for lifelong learning and success. To this end, I am dedicated to enhancing the educational programs at our centre. Here are some of the key initiatives in which our focus will be:

Curriculum Enhancement: Enhancing our comprehensive curriculum that fosters cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Our goal is to create a balanced program that not only prepares children for academic success but also nurtures their creativity and critical thinking skills.

Qualified Educators: Our team of educators will continue to undergo continuous professional development to ensure they are equipped with the latest teaching strategies and best practices in early childhood education. We are committed to hiring and retaining highly qualified and passionate teachers.

Learning Environment: We will be making significant improvements to our facilities which will enhance our safe learning environment. This includes upgrading our classrooms, outdoor play areas, and learning materials to support diverse learning experiences.

Parental Involvement: We recognize the importance of collaboration between parents and educators. We will be introducing parent-teacher meetings, workshops, and events to keep you informed and involved in your child’s learning journey.

Health and Safety: The health and safety of your children remain our top priority. We will be implementing enhanced health protocols and safety measures to ensure a secure environment for all.

Technological Integration: In today’s digital age, integrating technology into our curriculum is essential. We will be introducing age-appropriate technology and digital resources to complement our educational programs and prepare children for the future.

I am confident that these improvements will provide your children with a rich and rewarding educational experience. Our team is committed to fostering a community where every child feels valued, supported, and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Thank you for entrusting us with the care and education of your precious children.

I am looking forward to meeting each of you and working together to create a bright future for our childcare centre.

July 2024

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