Tips to Limit Screen Time for Your Child


Today’s new generation of kids grow up with many different electronic devices around them.  As a result, they can’t imagine a world without the internet, tablets, and smartphones.  It is true that these devices offer valuable educational content and endless hours of entertainment, but too much of screen time could be extremely harmful for the kids. 

Recent studies indicate that too much screen time causes several issues for our little ones. 

  • Social, emotional, and attention problems
  • Reduced focus on education
  • Obesity because of reduced time for outdoor activities
  • Interference with the sleep cycle because of exposure to light emitted from screens
  • Early exposure to violence and cruelty 
  • Strained family relationship   

In today’s age, it is unfair to keep our children away from technology and its benefits. However, as parents, we have the task of deciding how much screen time can be reasonable for our little ones.  In a screen-filled world, it can be extremely difficult to set limits on video games and TV for your child. Mentioned below are some simple tips to help you limit screen time for your child

  • As a parent, you can be a role model for your kids’ screen use pattern. When you binge watch your favourite series on Netflix, you are unknowingly setting the wrong example for your child. Therefore, whenever you have some free time, don’t spend it surfing your phone or tablet. This is extremely important because kids often learn these behaviours from their parents.
  • Most of today’s children are extremely tech-savvy and there is no denying the fact that some of them are more knowledgeable in electronics compared to their parents. As parents, it is important for us to remain well acquainted with the latest games, apps, social media platforms, and technology trends.  Unless we understand the loopholes of the technology platforms used by our kids, we can’t protect them from that danger.
  •  In order to limit screen time for your child, create zones within the house where no electronic gadget is allowed. For example, you can keep your dining room and kitchen free of laptops, handheld video games, and cellphones. 
  • Set aside some convenient time for the entire family to spend quality time together without their technology devices. In addition to limiting screen time, this will also teach your child the value of family relationships from a very early age. 
  • Stop your child from accessing inappropriate content on TV and on the internet. These days, most of the TVs, web browsers, and routers are equipped with parental control features for blocking or filtering unwanted content. 
  • At times, your child may get offended by your efforts to limit his or her screen time. Therefore, explain why too much of screen time is harmful for them. Discuss the dangers of online predators and violent content with them. 
  • Encourage your child to take part in different other activities such as reading a book, working out, or playing outside. 
  • Rather than a right, make screen time a privilege for your child.     
  • Finally, always ensure that your kids’ bedroom is screen free. 

If you still have questions related to your child’s screen time, please contact the qualified teachers and educators at Willow Bee Early Learning Centre.