What are Some Good Habits that Your Child Should Have? 


The top habits children should have are often about eating healthily and staying active. This way, they can properly grow and develop physically. This will also support their rapid brain development and prevent many cognitive and physical problems later on. 

Healthy eating for children 

Children should stay healthy and maintain healthy weight. To make this happen, they should always eat a wide variety of foods (fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, cereals, lean meat, fish, poultry, milk and cheese). Children should also have a limited intake of food and beverages that contain high levels of sugar, salt or fat. 

Aside from eating proper food, it’s also good for children to develop healthy eating habits such as: 

  • Sitting and eating together with family 
  • Mindful eating (no TV, no phones, no distractions) 
  • Fruits are always available 
  • Letting children help with food preparation 
  • Greater appreciation about where food comes from 
  • Limiting the amount of junk food available at home 

Keeping children active 

Aside from healthy eating, children should also be into regular physical activity, which can help them with their: 

  • Cardiovascular fitness 
  • Proper muscular and bone development 
  • Maintaining healthy weight 
  • Increased flexibility 
  • Better sleep patterns 
  • Better posture (avoid forward head syndrome common in constant smartphone users) 
  • Social skills (playtime and other physical activities can encourage children to go outside and get along more) 

To keep our children active, it’s good for us adults to set a good example (we must also be physically active). It’s also good that we limit the screen time our children get (limit use of smartphones). This way, our children will have more time for physical activities and playing outside. It also helps to have toys around and a wide open space that promotes running and other physical activities. For example, if there’s always a ball around, children might always throw it or make it bounce (good for their hand-eye coordination and arm strength). If there’s a wide open space, they will have more freedom to run around. 

Staying active and eating healthily can better position our children for future success. Those good habits can also help them have more fun because they will have the strength and energy for more playtime. This can also be a good way to help with their social development because they will be more confident and become better at getting along with others.